Website VS Facebook Page

Chances are, if you’ve got a small business, you’ve got got a Facebook page. Facebook, and other social media sites, have been a great way for for businesses, both large and small, to interact with customers in recent years. I often come across small businesses who have a Facebook page but not a website. When questioned why they don’t have a website the response is usually something like, “My Facebook page seems to be doing fine, do I need a website?” The answer is an emphatic “yes”.

Before we look into what a website can do for a small business, let’s summarize why businesses like Facebook pages:

  • They are quick and “easy” to setup
  • They are easily manageable
  • They are easy to post work to

Now, let’s take a look at some of the drawbacks of a Facebook page:

  • You don’t own the content (once it’s uploaded, Facebook does)
  • The page and posts can become disorganized
  • Facebook only caters to one set of customers and studies show younger people don’t use Facebook as much anymore
  • Not customizable
  • Not very good for Google’s search indexing

As time goes on, Social Media companies have come and gone and people’s preferences have shifted. However, the one constant is that websites have always been around to provide additional information no matter what social network is trending. Here are a few benefits that websites offer over Facebook and other social media platforms:

  • You decided the terms & conditions
  • The content is yours and remains yours
  • You can customize it to be whatever you’d like
  • It ranks higher in search engines
  • You can easily post content from your website to social media accounts
  • The website is inclusive to all potential clients

In addition to the benefits above, websites also lend credibility and a look of professionalism for potential clients. Websites also offer a way to present your services in an organized manner. Unlike a Facebook page that simply lists your services, websites can offer detail on those services; such as how you offer your services, what sets you apart, and what to expect. Websites are also a great way to provide custom contact forms, support portals, interactive maps, and many other features that Facebook simply does not offer.

In summary, while Facebook (and other social media sites) can offer a quick way to get your business information out there, it lacks the features and customization that websites provide. Not only that, but websites also allow for greater functionality and higher conversions when it comes to listings on search engines, such as Google.